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    Phrasal verb exercises


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    Phrasal verb exercises Empty Phrasal verb exercises

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    Phrasal verbs.


    Choose the suitable phrasal verbs from the list to replace the words in italics. Make any necessary changes .

    put on / put off / wake up / hand out / make up / look up / pick up / turn off / take off / write down

    The baby got up because of the ringing of the telephone.
    The baby woke up because of the ringing of the telephone .Key
    The teachers distributed the prizes among the best students.Key
    Please, would you lift these old newspapers from the floor?Key
    You should remove your shoes in the mosque. Key
    The police inspector took down the witnesses’ names and addresses in his notebook. Key
    The little boy only invented the complete story. Key
    They decided to delay their wedding party because of the death of the bride’s grandfather. Key
    She forgot to switchoff the radio. Key
    Please, search for this word in the dictionary! Key

    Exercise 2

    Match the phrasal verbs and the meanings .

    to give out Key
    to turn out Key
    to fade away Key
    to sit down Key
    to give up Key
    to speak out Key
    to rise up Key

    A. to take a seat
    B. to speak boldly, freely and plainly
    C. to distribute
    D. to revolt
    E. to produce
    F. to deliver or allow to pass to someone else
    G. to disappear or die gradually

    Exercise 3

    Fill in each blank with the right phrasal verb from the list making the necessary changes .

    set up take after turn down look forward to look up let down

    “We are really __________ seeing you again.” Key
    I’ll have to __________ your plan because it is not convincing. Key
    The company should __________ some new branches all over the country.Key
    I don’t know this word. Can you __________ it ______ in your dictionary? Key
    Don’t worry! He will not __________ you ______ because he is very reliable person. Key
    Sue really __________ her mother; she has the same eyes, nose and hair. Key

    Exercise 4

    Match the phrasal verbs and the definitions.

    to get on with somebody. Key
    to look after someone/something Key
    to pick up something Key
    to set off Key
    to find out Key
    to turn down Key
    to tell off Key
    to fall for Key
    to come across someone/something Key
    A. to leave on a journey

    B. to refuse an offer or the person who makes it

    C. to speak to someone angrily because he/she has done something wrong

    D. to meet or find someone/something by chance

    E. to have a friendly relationship with someone

    F. to fall in love with someone

    G. to learn something without formal lessons

    H. to get some information by asking or studying

    I. to be responsible for or take care of someone/something

    Exercise 5

    Fill in each blank with the right phrasal verb from the list making the necessary changes .

    turn down look after get on with pick up come across

    “I want to go back to work if I can find somebody to __________ ______ my little daughter,” Susan told her neighbour. Key
    James’s son, Joe, __________ ______ a lot of Italian by playing with the local children. Key
    Kate __________ ______ well ______ her colleagues at work.Key
    Jean asked Ron to marry her but he __________ her ______.Key
    I __________ ______ this old Swiss clock at a thrift shop downtown. Key

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