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    Relative clauses


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    Relative clauses Empty Relative clauses

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    Exercise 1

    Choose the correct answer .

    The car, __________ is grey, belongs to Youssef. (which/who/whose) Key
    Ito, __________ is a Japanese engineer, works for World Computers. (which/who/whose) Key
    Pierre , __________ is a talented cook, lives in Lyon. (which/who/whose) Key
    Do you see those cats __________ are lying on the sofa? (which/who/whose) Key
    Does she know the girl __________ father is a nurse? (which/who/whose)Key
    Did I tell you about the man __________ eats four kilogrammes of apples in twenty minutes? (which/who/whose) Key
    The girls __________ we met yesterday at Janes’ birthday party are very boastful. (which/who/whose) Key

    Exercise 2

    Choose the correct answer .

    A mall is a building __________ you can do your shopping. (who/where/which) Key
    A night is the time of a day __________ it is dark outside. (when/who/where)Key
    A cookery book is a book __________ you can look up recipes. (which/when/where)Key
    A pickpocket is a person __________ steals purses from pockets and bags. (who/where/which) Key
    Carnivores are animals __________ live on meat. (who/where/which) Key
    An acronym is a word __________ is the opposite of another word. (which/where/when) Key
    Winter is the season of the year __________ it rains heavily. (where/when/who) Key

    Exercise 3

    Join the pairs of sentences with who or which .

    The woman was sick. She looked very pale. Key
    Some people were waiting in the emergency room. It was very crowded. Key
    The doctor called a nurse. She came quickly. Key
    The doctor gave the patient an injection. It made her fall asleep. Key
    The Olympic Games were exciting. Many people watched them live on TV. Key
    Youssef and Hind spent their holiday in Dover. Dover is in the south of Great Britain. Key
    Arthur Conan Doyle was born in Scotland. He wrote the Sherlock Holmes stories. Key

    Exercise 4

    Complete the sentences using who and which .

    A freezer is a thing (freeze food and water). Key
    A DJ is someone (play music in a disco). Key
    A bee is an insect (make honey).Key
    An apple is a fruit (be yellow or red and sweet). Key
    A Dutch is a person (come from the Netherlands). Key
    A caoch is a vehicle (carry people from a town to another town). Key
    A salesperson is someone (work in a shop). Key

    Exercise 5

    Complete the sentences using whose and which

    I saw the man __________ car you damaged. Key
    He went back to live in the house __________ stood on the corner in Regent Avenue. Key
    He couldn't remember __________ movie by Steven Spielberg he had seen. Key
    That's the man __________ wife works with my wife in National Bank. Key
    The woman __________ dog bit you is a police officer. Key

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